Valerie Boehm

Important Information 

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I am pleased to be teaching at my alma mater! This is my sixth year at PHS. I previously taught at Cherokee Charter Academy in Canton, and before that, I taught in the New York City public school system. 

After I graduated from PHS, I obtained a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from New York University, then went on to earn my Master of Education degree from Harvard. I am currently working on my Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction at Piedmont College. 

I have certification in English Language Arts and Music, and a Microendorsement in Dramatic Writing for Film, Television, and Theatre I. 


Contact Information and Schedule 

706-253-1800 ext. 558 

1st Block: Dramatic Writing for Film, Television, and Theatre I 

2nd Block: Planning 

3rd Block: Virtual

4th Block: Virtual 


2020-2021 Syllabus

Dramatic Writing for Film, Television, and Theatre I 


This intense and content-packed semester-long course applies skills to culminate in creating and developing dramatic writing for theatrical media with special emphasis on film and television. It includes development of “writerly stance” by reading, viewing, and analyzing texts and visual media from a writer’s point of view, with focus on understanding on the construction process and including the application of conventions of standard English grammar and usage. In an effort to meet the state curriculum standards, students are engaged in a variety of learning strategies. These strategies include extensive opportunities for students to read, write, communicate, and inquire about their work. Students participate in discussions, reading, research projects, presentations, and collaborative assignment  The Georgia Standards of Excellence for Dramatic Writing can be found online at the following website:  Students may request a printed copy from the instructor at any time.Note: This course meets the fourth English Language Arts core requirement, as well as one Fine Arts elective requirement.


Students are encouraged to monitor their achievement in the course by keeping a record of their own performance, as well as checking student portal (Infinite Campus) often and on their own time. They are in charge of their own success. They are encouraged to contact me themselves to discuss assignments and grades pertaining to this class. This is to ensure students are ready for the “real world,” post-high school. I am best reached by email, but please see Infinite Campus for all grade notifications and averages. Your student should be well aware of his/her grade at all times, so they are truly your best resources for what is happening in the classroom.

Students in this course will continually receive descriptive feedback on their work.  Sometimes students will engage in peer review as part of the learning process.  Other times, the teacher will provide feedback through assessments.  Assessments will be divided into two categories:  formative and summative.  Formative should be considered “practice” and summative should be considered the “end performance”.  Formative assessments include but are not limited to informal observations, quizzes, initial drafts, homework, responses to teacher questions, daily work, and practice assignments.  The information gained from these assessments will be used to improve and change a process/product while it is still going on or being developed. Summative assessments include but are not limited to tests, exams, final drafts i.e. “for public works”, projects, major research projects, and presentations.  The information gained from these assessments will be recorded in the grade book and will determine final grade for the course. Formative and summative assessments will focus on standards-based essential questions.



All work handed in must have your first and last name. A drop box located inside the classroom for you to turn in assignments. Please do not give your work directly to me! I have many students and would appreciate you utilizing the drop box. Any homework assigned should be turned into the drop box at the beginning of class. Any homework turned in after class is subject to penalty. I do not want you using class time to finish homework. Please turn in assigned work on or before the due date. Homework counts as a percentage of your grade and can help improve averages at the end of the semester. 


Per the PHS English Department, late work will acquire a reduction in grade for every day it is late (20 points per day) If assignments are submitted more than 3 days late, then the highest grade that a student can earn is a 50.


Per the student handbook, students have 3 days to request make-up work from the teacher, and the teacher will have 3 days to provide the requested assignments. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to request assignments. Failure to complete the make-up assignments within 10 school days will result in the student not receiving credit for the make-up assignments. BEING ABSENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE FAILING TO TURN IN AN ASSIGNMENT WHEN DUE DATES ARE ANNOUNCED AHEAD OF TIME!!!! MANY ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM AND SHOULD BE SUBMITTED VIA GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Any graded assignments given during an absence will be marked as missing and will calculate as a  zero (0) until the work is completed. Any make up work not turned in within the five-day period, the grade will then be a zero without the possibility of a makeup. 


Cell phones ARE NOT allowed in the classroom as per school policy (see student handbook page 20). The school provides a cell phone caddy in each classroom so that students will have a safe place to store their devices during class time. Students are expected to place their devices in this caddy. Additionally, smart watches, etc. should not be used to text, check email, etc. You may use your smart watch to check the time; however, we do have a classroom clock for your convenience. If you need to use your smart watch/device for medical reasons, please make sure this information is registered with the school nurse. Parents, do not text your child during class. If there is an emergency, please call the front office to get in contact with your child. Please refer to the student handbook for consequences of student cell phone use during class. 


Each student will be issued a Chromebook. Students are expected to bring the Chromebook fully charged to each class period. 


Assignments will be posted to our Google classroom. I will also use Google Classroom to attach copies of pertinent handouts, study guides, and/or supplemental resources. IF YOU ARE ABSENT, CHECK Google Classroom FOR DAILY ASSIGNMENTS!! Parents will receive an email invitation to join the parent level of our Google classroom. 


IXL, USATest Prep,, Owl Purdue, and others as needed or required by school district


The classroom door will be closed when the last bell rings. If a student is late to class and does not provide an excuse or note from another teacher, the student will be counted tardy. Please refer to the PHS Student Handbook for consequences of being tardy to class. 


Drinks and snacks are allowed in my classroom as long as they are not messy, sticky, and you clean up after yourself. This privilege will be allowed as long as it is not abused. Please make sure if you need a snack during class that it is a “snack” and not a meal! If you need to visit the vending machine before class, please do so as long as you are not late. Do not ask me to go during class! I will not allow you to go. Teachers have been directed by Principal Wallace to NOT allow students to leave classrooms for the purpose of going to a vending machine. 


 Do not line up at the door. Per Principal Wallace, students are not allowed to leave class for any reason the first and last fifteen minutes of class.

If you are in our class during 4th block, you must adhere to the school’s dismissal schedule. If you leave before your scheduled leave time, then you will receive a discipline referral.


Per Principal Wallace, you will be issued 10 hall passes to be used to leave the classroom to use the restroom or go to the nurse’s office in case of an emergency, or to the counselor’s office. These hall passes are NOT to be used to go to the vending machines or to the media center to purchase snacks.

Each student’s passes are kept in the PASS notebook on the blue bookcase in the back of the classroom. If you need to leave the classroom to use the restroom, visit the nurse, see your counselor, or go to the front office, then you must fill out one of your passes, then complete the required information in the notebook. Upon returning to the classroom, return the used pass to the teacher, complete the return time information in the PASS log notebook. Remember, we are NOT allowed to let you leave during the first 15 minutes of class and during the last 15 minutes of class.


Please see Student Handbook and Code of Conduct Discipline Matrix on pages 37-54. Be respectful, be on time, and be prepared.


At this point in your academic career, it should be common knowledge to produce original, well-cited work. Acts of plagiarism will not be tolerated and could result in any of the following: verbal warning, a grade of “0” in the gradebook, and/or referral to administration per Pickens High School academic policies. With the technology available today and, students should know it is nearly impossible to plagiarize. Please see me if you need more information.

Students that have plagiarized any portion of their written work shall receive a grade of a 0.  For the first offense a student may rewrite the assignment for a grade no higher than a 70. Each offense after the first, the student receive a 0 with no rewrite opportunity given.



Please bring a journal to class. A journal can take a lot of different forms. When choosing a journal for yourself, don’t just grab a random notebook or the first leather-bound volume you see in a fancy bookstore. Pick a form that speaks to you, that matches your personality, and that will help you get used to writing regularly. It must be physically portable (i.e., you can carry it around) and structurally sound (i.e., it will stand up to months of use).

A note about journals: Your journal is a semi-private tool to help you grow as a writer. While you will have to show me your journals on a consistent basis, I will not be reading your private entries. If you are struggling with an issue, please see me personally, or a counselor.

You will need a binder with paper and dividers a basic set of dividers will be fine, you can even make your own. Sections should include MUG (Mechanics, Usage, and  Grammar) Mondays, Lit Term Tuesdays, and Words Wednesdays. Your journal should be separate from this binder.

While the much of the writing we do will be in journals, your Chromebook will be an important resource. Bring it charged and ready to go every single day. We will use Google Classroom


We will use both pens and pencils and it’s helpful to have pens in a couple of contrasting colors to aid in corrections.


Texts and Examples Used**

If you do not want your child to read/view any of the titles below, please make a note on the signature form at the end of the syllabus given out the first week of school. 

Unit 1:  Monster by Walter Dean Meyers, Screenplay/Novel Study  Eurydice adapted by Sarah Ruhl, play 

Unit 2: Almost Maine, The Boys Next Door   Plays

Unit 3:  *Stranger Things, *Friday Night Lights, *Modern Family  *These are examples of screenplays and pilot episodes used, but please note that**Other G, PG, PG-13, and TV-14  rated examples will be used throughout the course.