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Students A - F

Jana Champion

Elisha Wilson

Students G - O

Elisha Wilson

Students P - Z

Tara Joyce

College & Career Coordinator

Daniel Bell


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Counseling Secretary

Randi Ray


Important Information for Students




How to Schedule an Appointment with Your School Counselor



Class Change Requests

The Fall 2023 Class Change form was available July 26th through August 9th on the PHS Counseling Webpage.  If there is an extenuating situation in which a student might need a class changed for the Fall 2023 semester after August 9th, then the student will need to come by the PHS Counseling Suite and pick up an Administrative Class Change Form.  After completing the necessary steps outlined on the Admin. Class Change Form, then a PHS Administrator will make the decision if the class change request will be permitted or not.


Please know that class change requests will not take place if they are for one or more of the following reasons:

1) Teacher preference.

2) Peer preference (because you have a friend in that class).

3) Lunch time preference.



PHS Tutoring Schedule

Students are encouraged to speak with the teacher of whom they need tutoring for to schedule a time when they can come in to get extra assistance with their work.

PHS Tutoring Schedule

In addition to PHS Tutoring students can also receive tutoring via the GA Tutor program.  High school students have access to school work support Monday through Friday from 4-10pm, Saturdays, from 10am-8pm, and Sundays from 1-8pm via Zoom meetings through the GA Tutor program.

To schedule a help session, students must log in to Infinite Campus and select MORE on the left side of the screen.  Next, they will select SLDS portal on the right side of the screen.  Students will then select the GA Tutor icon.  From there, students will select their specific subject and date for their help session as well as enter other information.  Please make sure the student uses his/her school email address.  Once submitted,  the student will receive an email with a zoom link to the help session.

For more information on GA Tutor and for technical support, please click HERE




Work-Based Learning (WBL)

The WBL program allows students the opportunity to earn high school elective credit(s) for their work experience. Interested students must apply to the program and be approved by the WBL Coordinator and CTAE Director, Ms. Carissa Parker, before WBL will be added to a student's schedule.  If you are interested in applying to potentially participate in the WBL program, then please click on the electronic application link below and complete the form using your student Gmail account:

2023-24 WBL Program Application





2023-24 Student Parking Permits

Click HERE to access the 2023-24 PHS Student Parking Permit Form.  Please know that you will also need to provide a copy your driver's license and vehicle insurance when you turn in your parking permit.  Parking permits will be sold in room 132 by Coach Grant Myers.  ALL student drivers must have a current parking permit to park their vehicle on the PHS campus.



PHS Bell Schedule and School Hours

PHS is open from 7:00 AM to 2:15 PM.  Students report to 1st period by 7:40 AM and are released at 2:15 PM.  Click HERE to view the bell schedules.




Technology and IC Help

All students are issued a PCSD chromebook.  If you have questions or concerns regarding chromebooks, chargers, etc., then please email your requests and/or concerns to:



If you need assistance with logging into your Infinite Campus (IC) student account, student email account, and/or your Parent IC account, then please click HERE to see how you need to proceed and who you can contact if you need assistance.



Accessing an Unofficial Transcript in IC as a Student

Many students need access to their unofficial transcript to check their class rank, weighted and unweighted GPA's, GPA's on both a 100 point scale and 4.0 scale, etc.  Click HERE to access the directions on how a student can view his/her unofficial transcript in his/her IC account.




Enrolling a Student to Attend PHS

 If you want to enroll your student to attend PHS, then please first complete registration and enrollment via the Registration Department at the PCSD Central Office.  Click HERE to access the PCSD Registration webpage.

Once you have completed registration, then our school will be notified and you will be contacted by the counseling secretary about setting up a new student appointment with your PHS Counselor.

Please know that you will have to first complete the registration process, registration notifies PHS once it is complete and they have processed your application, and PHS will have to receive a copy of the student's records before we will schedule a new student meeting.



Withdrawing a Student from PHS

If your student will be leaving PHS to transfer to another school, then you will need to reach out to our registrar, Ms. Candy DiPrima, to withdraw your student.  You will need to do the following:


1) Set up an appointment with the registrar, Ms. DiPrima, to withdraw your student by either coming in person, calling PHS at 706-253-1800, or by emailing her at candydiprima@


2) Come in to withdraw your student, sign the appropriate paperwork, and turn in your student's chromebook, charger, and case.

3) Before you leave from your student withdrawal appointment, the registrar will give you a document that contains your student's transfer grades (if student moves within the semester and does not complete the semester with PHS) or a copy of the student's final transcript if the student finished the semester at PHS and earned his/her credits.  Please know that final grades will not be available on transcripts until report cards go out (which is typically a week into each new semester.  Ex. 1st week of January and 1st week of June).



Attendance and Records Assistance

1) Sick/Doctor's Notes - If you are out of school for any reason, then please bring a doctor's note or sick note to the front desk.  Doctor's notes and/or sick notes are not accepted after five days of returning to school.  You can also email your sick note or doctor's note to phsattendance@


2) Records Requests - If you need to request records and/or update your information in Infinite Campus (such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.), then please contact the PHS Registrar, Ms. Candy DiPrima.  Her email address is candydiprima@




Information Regarding Graduation Requirements, Grade Promotions, Classes Offered at PHS, and Student Organizations/Clubs

Click HERE to access the document that provides detailed descriptions regarding the following information:

-Graduation Requirements for PHS students.

-The number of credits required to be promoted to the next grade level.

-Academic class offerings and their sequences of how they should be taken at PHS.

-Elective class offerings and their pathway sequences of how they should be taken at PHS.

-Students Organizations and Clubs at PHS.



Yearbooks, Letterman Jackets, and Class Rings

Click HERE to access the PHS page through Jostens where you can purchase yearbooks, letterman jackets, and class rings.





PHS Cafeteria Information

Mrs. Andrea Wood is the PHS Cafeteria Manager.  Students can either pay for meals/snacks with cash or add money to their student accounts by using the My Payments Plus website.  Click HERE to access the My Payments Plus website.  The prices for meals can be seen below:



Families that are eligible for free or reduced-price meals must apply to receive them, and all other students must pay full price for their meals.  All families are encouraged to complete the free/reduced lunch application if you believe your student(s) may be eligible.  You can use your cell phone camera and scan the QR code below to access the online application.  Paper copies are also available at the school.  Please click HERE for an important news flyer regrading free and reduced-priced meals from the PCSD Nutrition Department:





Transcript Requests and Attendance Verifications


Need a copy of your transcript, an education verification, and/or attendance verification (ex. for military purposes, Social Security benefits, insurance purposes, etc.) completed?  Then please send your transcript request to phstranscripts@pickenscountyschools.orgFor all transcript requests please include the following information:

1) Your first and last name (please provide your maiden name when necessary).

2) The year you graduated.  If you are currently a PHS student, then please identify what grade you are in.

3) Your date of birth (Month/Day/Year).

4) The last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN).

5) Where you need your transcript to be sent to.


The counseling secretary will process your request within 72 hrs.  If you would like to pick the transcript up in person or have it emailed to yourself, then please indicate so in your transcript request email.  For previously graduated PHS students, the cost for a transcript request to be processed is $5.00.  Please know that "official transcripts" will show your 100 point scale weighted and unweighted GPA's.  If you would like to see your 4.0 scale GPA, then you will need to request an "unofficial" copy of your transcript.


Please remember that your HOPE GPA is calculated by GA Futures, not by PHS; thus, to view your HOPE GPA, then you will need access your GA Futures account.





ADAP Test and Attendance Certificates for Licenses

If you need a copy of your attendance verification and/or your ADAP report for your learners or drivers licenses, then please email your request to:



Once your request has been processed, then the student and/or parent can pick up the items from the PHS Front Office Secretary.

For the 2023-24 school year the ADAP presentation and test were given on 10/25/23 to all 9th grade students.  If you were not at PHS on 10/25/23, then you missed both the presentation and test.  The ADAP (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program) is a requirement in Georgia for anyone under the age of 18 to complete in order to obtain his/her drivers license.  The presentation and test are given only once each school year at PHS and for the 2023-24 school year, the presentation and test were given on 10/25/23.

Click HERE to register for the eADAP (electronic version of the ADAP) if you missed the test on 10/12/2022.  When registering for the eADAP, under "reason for enrollment" you will need to choose "other" and you will also need to use a personal email account instead of your student Gmail email address.  Click HERE to access the eADAP instructions from the GA DDS.

The ADAP presentation and test will be administered to all 9th grades students at PHS again in October of 2024.




ACT & SAT Dates for Pickens High School

Almost all colleges and universities, and some scholarships, will require you to have either a SAT or ACT score to submit.  In order to take the SAT and/or ACT you will need to create an account with their websites (links included on the document link above), register to take the test, and then utilize their website to have your scores sent to the school of your choice.  Once you have created an account, then you will be able to access your scores through the SAT and/or ACT websites.  Click HERE to access the SAT/ACT schedule for test dates at PHS.  Click HERE to access the "ACT Test Guide" and look below for more resources about the SAT.


PHS School Code 111695



SAT Resources

Listed below are multiple SAT resources provided by College Board:

1) Click HERE to access the "Getting Ready to Take the SAT" document that lists the steps you need to take during the process of registering for the test, how to send your scores, and how to access your scores.

2) Click HERE to view the "Benefits of Taking the SAT" document.

3) Click HERE to access the "SAT Student Guide" document that provides important information about the SAT, tips and advice on taking the test, and also contains practice questions to try.

4) Click HERE to view the "SAT Quick Reference Guide" that contains contact information for various departments within College Board such as the SAT, AP Testing, PSAT, and Services for Students with Disabilities.


5) Click HERE to view the "SAT Registration and Test Day Quick Guide" flyer.


6) Click HERE to access the "SAT Student Guide to Practice and Scores" document.


7) Click HERE to download a SAT practice test provided by College Board.  College Board also encourages student to utilize Khan Academy to do online test practicing.  Click HERE to access the Khan Academy website.


8) Click HERE to download the Student ID Form that you can use if you do not have proper identification to use for the day of your test.


9) Click HERE to access the "Parent's Guide to Getting Your Teen Ready for the SAT" flyer.




GSFC Grade Level Checklists

Below are helpful "grade level checklists" provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) to help you make sure that you are taking the necessary steps during your high school career to pursue your post-secondary goals:

9th-10th Grade Checklist

11th-12th Grade Checklist





PSAT and PSAT Score Instructions

For the 2023-24 school year, the PSAT was administered to all PHS 10th grade students on Wednesday, 10/25/23.  The school automatically registered all PHS 10th grade students for the test.  PSAT scores have been released as of 12/1/23 to the students' College Board accounts via www.collegeboard.org .

If you do not already have a College Board account, then you will need to create one by going to www.collegeboard.org . When creating your account, please identify Pickens High School as your current school and use the CEEB Code of 111695.  From there you will be able to access your PSAT score.

The PSAT will not be offered again at PHS until October of 2024.  Homeschool students interested in taking the PSAT test at PHS in October of 2024 will need to please email our PHS Testing Coordinator, Mr. Rick Goble, to inquire about this option at richardgoble@pickenscountyschools.org beginning August of 2024. 


Senior Related Information


Fall Senior Info Letters

During the Fall semester, all PHS seniors and their families were sent a "Fall Senior Info Letter" that included a copy of the senior's class schedule, transcript, and status check document.  This letter contains very helpful information to help you navigate your senior year.  Click HERE to view/access a copy of the "Fall Senior Info Letter."


Another letter was mailed out to the seniors and their parents on 11/7/23 regarding information that was went over on the 10/25 advisement day and about the Jostens 11/1 senior meeting.  Click HERE to view/access a copy of the "11/7 Senior Info Letter."



Senior Important Dates

Click HERE to access the "Senior Important Dates" document that lists important dates that all seniors and their families should keep in mind for the upcoming school year.





PHS School Profile

Please click HERE to view and/or access the PHS 2023-24 School Profile document.  Some college and scholarship applications will ask you to provide a copy of your high school profile.










Senior Cap & Gown Orders

All seniors who plan on walking in the May graduation ceremony must purchase their cap & gown package through Jostens.  It is highly encouraged that all orders be placed no later than when students leave from Christmas break in December.  Cap & gown orders will be delivered to the seniors at PHS the last week in March before Spring break.  Click HERE to access the link where you only purchase the "cap & gown" for $71.00 before taxes and fees.

Click on the picture below to use the QR code and/or view the website address to place your order and view all packages offered by Jostens:




Senior Pictures

Please know that in order for a senior to appear in the PHS Draca yearbook, he/she must have a photo made with Cady Studios.  Cady Studios was at PHS on 9/12/23 and 10/24/23 to do senior pictures.  Dates and times are available at other locations.  If you have any questions regarding your senior photos, then please reach out to Cady Studios at 678-722-3449.  Please click HERE to access the Cady Studios Senior Booking Guide and  HERE to access the Cady Studios website for more information.







Senior Information Packet

This Senior Information Packet (click on the link above) will assist you and your family with getting prepared to apply for college, scholarships, jobs, and creating professional relationships with your teachers and counselors.  Access to this packet is available to everyone who can download a pdf file.

Please click HERE to access a Word copy of the PHS Senior Information Sheet that you can type in or you can print it and write on it.  Many use this document to help them build a resume.

Please know that some scholarships may ask for you to complete a "senior profile."  THIS "PHS SENIOR INFO" DOCUMENT CAN BE USED TO ASSIST YOU WITH SCHOLARSHIPS; however, please know that this document will not always suffice for a "senior profile" requested by some scholarship applications (an example of this is the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship as they have their own senior profile document to be completed).

Your school counselors are here to assist you as needed and wish you the best of luck this year!






PHS Senior Presentation

Please click on the link above to download the senior Power-Point presentation.  The Power-Point will open as a "Google Slides" presentation first; however, this will not allow you to listen to the audio that accompanies each slide.  Once the presentation opens as a "Google Slides Presentation," then please go to "FILE," then click on "DOWNLOAD," and choose to download as a Microsoft Power-Point Presentation.  This will then allow the presentation to download as a true Power-Point presentation to your computer.  After the Power-Point presentation downloads to your device, then please click on the "audio" icon in the lower right hand corner of each slide to listen to the presentation information recorded for you on each slide.





Applying to College

You can apply directly through the college of your choice for admittance to a college or you can use the Common App Tool.  When applying for admission directly through your chosen post-secondary school, please visit the college's "admission" page and follow the directions provided for that school.  Most schools require similar requirements but some may differ.  You will need to check your chosen college's application requirements to ensure you are submitting a complete application.

Common App is another common method of applying to a variety of schools in both Georgia (examples are UGA and Georgia State University) and nationwide.  Common App is a non-profit member organization that represents nearly 900 diverse colleges.  This tool connects students to a variety of public and private colleges and universities across all 50 U.S. states and 20 different countries.

-Click HERE to to be directed the Common App website and start your application process.

-Parents/Guardians/Families can click HERE to be directed to the family resources page on Common App to get information on Financial Aid and how to support your student as he/she applies to colleges.

-Students can click HERE to access important documents/resources to assist in your Common App process.





Currently Available Scholarship Information                       

If you would like to view/reference a list of all the scholarships that were posted on the PHS Counseling webpage during the 2022-23 school year, then please click HERE.  If you are interested in offering a scholarship opportunity to students at PHS, then please contact PHS Counselor Jana Champion (contact info is listed at the top of this webpage) with a copy of your scholarship application, the amount that will be awarded, and when your scholarship deadline will be.


We encourage all students and their families to check the PHS Counseling Webpage weekly to view any and all scholarship opportunities that are presented to PHS students.  Please know that all scholarships that are made available to PHS students from local organizations are posted on this webpage so that all students, their families, staff, and the community can access this information at any time.  Below are mostly local, state, and some national scholarships that are currently available for students to apply to:


1) Please click HERE to access the studentscholarships.org November 2023 Newsletter listing multiple national scholarships that are currently available.


2) John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest (posted on 10/23/23)

-This essay contest is open to all U.S. high school students in grades 9-12. Twenty-five students will be recognized and the first-place winner will receive a $10,000 scholarship.

-Click HERE to learn more about the eligibility requirements for this national contest, the topic of the essay, and how to submit your essay.

-The deadline to submit your essay online is January 12th, 2024.


3) Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship (posted on 9/27/23)

-Any Class of 2024 senior student may apply to the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship if he/she is a resident of Pickens or Dawson County and wishes to further his/her education as a full-time student after graduating from high school at a college, university, and/or technical college.

-In order to apply, students must complete the scholarship application (must include a headshot photo with the application and the application must be TYPED, not handwritten), provide a copy of your high school transcript (must be HOPE eligible and have a 3.25 in their core curriculum with a combination of at least 3 AP and/or Dual Enrollment classes), provide a copy of your SAT and/or ACT score (you can acquire these through collegeboard.org and/or act.org), provide two written personal references (one from a school employee and one from another adult in your life that is outside of your family and school), complete the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship Senior Profile document (the BCCS Senior Profile is different than the PHS Senior Information Sheet) to be answered in essay form on a typed document, Senior Resume, and provide a letter of acceptance to the college of your choice (student will provide this letter, not the school counselor).  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE WEBSITE STATES EVERYTHING SHOULD BE TYPED AND NOT HANDWRITTEN.

-Completed scholarship packets (in which YOU, the student, turn in ALL required documents for the application) must be printed and turned in to the PHS counseling department no later than 12pm on Friday, January 19th, 2024.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure their scholarship application packets are completed, have all required documents, PRINTED, and are turned in on time.  No applications will be accepted after 12pm on Friday, 1/19/24.

-Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship Interviews will take place on Monday, March 11th, 2024, in the PHS Media Center.  All students invited for an interview will be notified beforehand.

-Please click HERE to access the Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship webpage.  Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to access the following four documents:

-BCCS Brochure.

-BCCS Requirements.

-BCCS Senior Profile (make sure to answer this in “essay” form as mentioned in the directions).

-BCCS Application (make sure to include a head shot photo with your application).


4) AEMC Scholarship Program (posted on 11/21/23)

-The Amicalola EMC (AEMC) scholarship program is open to seniors who reside in an Amicalola EMC household.  Seniors will need their GPA (numerical value), SAT/ACT score, and amount of household income to complete the online application.

-Approximately 125 students will be selected to receive a $1,000 college scholarship.  Winners will be selected based upon GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores, and financial need.  Applicants will be required to upload a copy of their official transcript.  If selected as a finalist, then the student must submit a high-resolution digital photo by Feb. 23rd for presentation purposes to AEMC.

-Click HERE for more information about the scholarship opportunity and to access the online scholarship application.

-The deadline to apply for this scholarship opportunity is January 31st, 2024.  AEMC will notify students if they have won or not and the winners will be recognized at a scholarship banquet in March hosted by AEMC.


5) AEMC Washington Youth Tour (posted on 11/21/23)

-The Amicalola EMC (AEMC) Washington D.C. Youth Tour program is open to juniors who reside in an Amicalola EMC household and will be between the ages of 16-18 years old at the time of the tour (June 14-21, 2024).  Students will be required to upload a short, one-page autobiographical essay.  Applicants must also list any extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests in their application.  AEMC plans to select four high school juniors from across their service area to represent them in Washington D.C.

-Click HERE for more information about the scholarship opportunity and to access the online scholarship application.

-The deadline to apply for this opportunity is January 31st, 2024.  AEMC will notify the winners of this scholarship opportunity in March.


6) DAR Scholarships (posted on 11/7/23)

-The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) have a number of scholarship opportunities available on their website.  All applicants must be US citizens and must plan to an attend an accredited college/university in the US.  DAR Chapter sponsorship is not required for these scholarship opportunities.

-Click HERE to begin your application and review the numerous scholarship opportunities available.

-The application process is available from 11/1/23-1/31/24.


7) UNG Georgia Military Service Scholarship (posted on 9/17/23)

-The Georgia Military Service Scholarship is worth $85,000+ over the course of four years.  The state of Georgia will offer 42 scholarships per year to Georgia high school seniors who attend the University of North Georgia (UNG) and commission as officers in the Georgia Army National Guard after graduating with their bachelor’s degree.

-Please click HERE to view more information about this scholarship opportunity as well as all of its requirements.

-Please click HERE to view the application instructions and apply for the scholarship.

-The first consideration deadline for this online application was November 15th and the final deadline will be February 1st, 2024.


8) Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship (posted on 9/27/23)

-The Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship is open to all graduating seniors at PHS who plan on entering an accredited two year or four-year post-secondary degree program or a one-year certificate program.

- Complete application packets must include the application form, copy of PHS transcript (minimum overall GPA of 85 to apply), copies of SAT and/or ACT scores, two recommendation letters (one from a teacher and the other from another adult in your life), a letter of acceptance from the school you plan to attend (last day to send this item is 4/12/24), and either a PHS Senior Info Sheet or a resume.

-Click HERE to access the Bent Tree Foundation Scholarship Application.  Please download this Word document and type in your answers and then print your application form once it is complete.

-Click HERE to visit the Bent Tree Foundation website.

- To apply to this scholarship opportunity, PHS seniors must turn in complete application packets to the PHS Counseling Suite by 12pm on Friday, 2/9/2024.


9) Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship (posted on 9/27/23)

-The Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship is open to all PHS seniors who were/are active in the PHS Tennis Program for a minimum of two years (including their senior year) or in some way associated with the Bent Tree Tennis Club.

-Click HERE to access the Bent Tree Tennis Community Scholarship Application.

-Complete application packets must include the application form, copy of PHS transcript, copies of ACT and/or SAT scores, two recommendation letters (one from either your tennis coach or a teacher and the other from another adult in your life), and a letter of acceptance from the school you plan to attend (no later than 4/12/24).

-Qualified applicants who wish to apply to this scholarship must turn in complete application packets to the PHS Counseling Suite by 12pm on Friday, 2/9/24.


10) Judy Shaw Memorial Scholarship (posted on 11/7/23)

-This scholarship opportunity is open to any PHS senior who wishes to pursue a career in the nursing field.

-Click HERE to access the application and review the scholarship criteria.

-The Auxiliary will recognize the recipients at one of their annual luncheon meetings.

-The application and all required documents must be mailed to the address provided in the application by the student (not turned into the PHS Counseling office) in its entirety by February 28th, 2024.


11) Ted G. Wilson Memorial Scholarship (posted on 11/7/23)

-The Ted G. Wilson Memorial Scholarship is available to all high school seniors that plan to further their education in the fields of either construction or engineering by attending a four-year college/university. Only those that are a resident of, or plan to attend a school or university in the states where PCEA (Professional Construction Estimators Association) has an established Chapter will qualify. At present, those states are North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  The Scholarship is funded, in part, by the Order of Isosceles Fellowship.

-Click HERE to view more information regarding PECA and the scholarship opportunity.

-Click HERE to access the scholarship application.

-The deadline to submit this scholarship application in its entirety is March 31st, 2024, and must be mailed by the student to P.O. Box 9146, Charlotte, NC, 28299.  PECA will notify the scholarship recipient.


12) UNG New Student Scholarships (posted on 11/7/23)

-Newly admitted freshmen and transfer students to UNG can now complete one scholarship application for to be considered for all Undergraduate Admissions Academic and Leadership Scholarships for which they might qualify.

-Click HERE to view more information regarding new student scholarships at UNG.

-Click HERE to access the online scholarship application.

-The priority deadline to submit this online application was December 1st, 2023, with the general deadline being April 1st, 2024.


13) The David Skinner/GDA Scholarship (posted on 11/7/23)

-The David Skinner/GDA (Georgia Development Authority) Scholarship awards scholarships in the amount of $2,400 that will be awarded annually to students enrolled in the study of Agriculture or an Agriculture related field.

-Those applying must be a senior, successfully passed their high school academic requirements, have college entrance exam scores (SAT/ACT) qualifying their admission to an accredited Georgia College, must be a Georgia resident living in a rural county (Pickens is a rural county), and must be pursuing a degree directly related to agriculture.

-Click HERE to access the website to this scholarship for more information as well as the online application.

-Click HERE to print the PDF version of the application.

-The scholarship application and all required documents must be postmarked no later than the first Monday in May if you completed a physical copy of the application.

-The deadline for the application submission is May 6th, 2024.





Scholarship Opportunities that were posted on the PHS Counseling Webpage and the deadlines have since passed:


1) Vivek Ramaswamy American Identity Scholarship (posted on 7/27/23 and was due on 9/18/23).

2) Coca-Cola Scholars Program (posted on 8/29/23 and the deadline was on 10/2/23).

3) Heisman High School Scholarship (posted on 9/17/23 and the deadline was 10/20/23).

4) Voice of Democracy Scholarship (posted on 10/23/23 and the deadline was 10/31/23).

5) DAR Good Citizens Scholarship (posted on 10/31/23 and the deadline was 11/13/23).

6) Georgia State University “The Stamps and Presidential Scholarships” (posted on 11/7/23 and the deadline was 11/15/23).

7) Cooke College Scholarship Program (posted on 11/7/23 and the deadline was 11/16/23).

8) UGA CAES Rural Scholars Program (posted on 11/7/23 and the deadline was 11/17/23).

9) Hagan Scholarship Foundation (posted on 10/23/23 and the deadline was 12/1/23).











GEORGIA MATCH is a new program for the 2023-24 school year that has been initiated by Governor Brian Kemp in collaboration with the GSFC (GA Student Finance Commission), the USG (University System of GA), the TCSG (Technical College System of GA), the GADOE (GA Department of Education) and the GOSA (Governor’s Office of Student Achievement).  This new program will show all GA high school seniors which of the public colleges and universities in GA that current seniors have met the initial academic requirements for admission as of September 2023.  This information is based off of the student’s HOPE GPA (not their cumulative high school GPA) that they can access via their GA Future’s account.


GEORGIA MATCH letters will be sent out from the GSFC (not the student’s high school) in October of 2023 to all GA high school seniors and their families.  Should you not receive your GEORGIA MATCH letter from the GSFC by November 1st, then please reach out to your school counselor.  More information and resources regarding this incredible program can be found at www.GAfutures.org/GEORGIAMATCH







Additional National Scholarship Databases

There is a world of scholarship opportunity out there waiting to be taken advantage of.  The PHS Counseling team works diligently to ensure as many local and state, and some national, scholarships are specifically posted on the PHS Counseling Webpage.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to review every opportunity out there so more information has been provided below for students to inquire about.  We hope that our PHS students and their families will take some time to view the below websites that both identify and provide multiple nationwide scholarships and grants that all students can possibly apply to:


-GA Futures Scholarship Search

-University of GA Scholarships

-GA Tech Scholarships





-American Indian College Fund

-Native Forward Scholars Fund

-Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

-Career One Stop


-College Board Big Future Scholarships

-Dell Scholars

-Going Merry

-Hispanic Scholarship Fund

-Horatio Alger Assoc. Scholarships

-NSHSS Foundation Scholarships



-Scholarship America


-Thurgood Marshall College Fund

-Reagan Foundation Scholarships


-Universal Technical Institute

-US Veterans Magazine Military Scholarship List for Service Members, Spouses, and Dependents







FAFSA Information and How to Apply

Please make sure to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid for college.  Completion of the FAFSA is required to receive any financial aid for college and is the first step in moving forward with applying for the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships/grants.  Students and parents will have to complete this application together.  All seniors planning to attend college will have to complete the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is open each year from October 1st until June 30th; however, the FAFSA will be available beginning in December of 2023 for this one time only.

Click HERE to access an article on the, "10 Common FAFSA Mistakes Not to Make."


Click HERE to access the "FAFSA Checklist" made specifically for Georgia students by the GSFC. 



Georgia Students Paying for College

After Georgia students have finished applying for college and completing the FAFSA, then their next step is to create/access their GA Futures account to complete the GSFAPP (the application required to get the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships/grants), track their HOPE GPA (different than their high school GPA), send their high school transcript to colleges in Georgia, review and apply for scholarships, apply to some colleges in Georgia, etc.  Below are some helpful documents/checklists from the GSFC to assist you in your plan to finance your post-secondary education:

-Click HERE to view the "HOPE Program Summary" document.

-Click HERE to view the "Paying for College" document.





Additional College and Financial Aid Websites to Explore and Help You Plan/Prepare to Apply for College and Scholarships


-GA Futures Federal Aid and Scholarships Webpage








College Visits

In lieu of on campus college visits, some colleges are hosting virtual information sessions this school year.  Below are some upcoming college meetings (in-person and/or virtual) that you may want to attend:


***No current items as of 11/6/23.***







Georgia Degrees Pay

The University System of Georgia just rolled out a new website, Georgia Degrees Pay, available for Georgia parents and students making major college decisions. This tool allows users to compare all 26 public universities and colleges in the University System (USG). Many features allow users to compare up to two schools at a time and include categories like the cost of attendance, future earnings, and student success rates.  Click HERE to visit the website.



Georgia Transfer (GAtracs)

The GAtracs website offers multiple college credit tools to students who are interested in exploring a variety of opportunities at the colleges and universities in Georgia.  Below are just a few of the tools that GAtracs offers on their website:

-Find Exam Score Transfer Credit (such as college credits for certain scores on AP and CLEP exams)

-Dual Enrollment Planning

-Find College Credit Transfer




Click HERE to view the YouScience Power Point Presentation.  This is a large file due to the videos on the presentation; thus, when you click on the link you will then need to click on the "power-point" download option.


Click HERE to download the YouScience Workbook.


Click HERE to access the instructions for activating and logging into your YouScience account.






How to Create a GA Futures Account

Click HERE to use this document to help create your GA Futures Account.  This is a necessary step in the Dual Enrollment process, tracking your HOPE GPA (which is different than your overall high school GPA), and will also help you keep track of various tasks in your college application journey.






Military Information

Have you ever considered joining the military?  Below are some links to help best assist you in making this decision and how to contact a recruiter.  For more information, then please schedule an appointment with your school counselor or local military recruiter.

U.S. Army

Please click HERE for information on joining the US Army.

Please click HERE to view a short video about joining the US Army National Guard.

Please click HERE to access a presentation and guidebook on the benefits and scholarships opportunities available to those who enlist with the National Guard.



Air Force

Click HERE to view the recruitment requirements for joining the Air Force.

US Navy

Please click HERE to view the requirements for enlisting in the US Navy.

Marine Corps

Please click HERE to access the link showing what is required to enlist in the Marine Corps.

Coast Guard

Click HERE to view the requirements for joining the Coast Guard.





If you find yourself in a crisis situation, then please know that the below resources are available to you 24/7:

GA Crisis and Access Line - 1-800-715-4225

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 or text/dail 9-8-8

Pickens Sheriff Department – 706-253-8901

For any emergency situation, please call 911