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Counseling Secretary

Randi Ray


Important Information for Students


Fall 2022-23 Class Change Request Form

Class change requests will start being reviewed on 8/1/22.  Students will click on the link above (the link became available on 8/1/22) and using their student Gmail account, they will fill out the form in its entirety.  The student's school counselor will then review the request and notify the student of the outcome.  Please know that not all class change requests can be fulfilled due to the constraints of the master schedule.  Class changes will be considered for the following reasons:

1) You are scheduled for a class in which you have already earned a credit for.

2) You need a specific course for graduation, to complete a pathway, and/or to assist with your post-secondary plans.

3) You do not have the prerequisite to stay in the course.

4) You have four academic classes in one semester

5) You need to adjust your schedule for dual enrollment and/or work based learning purposes.


Please know that class change requests will not take place if they are for one or more of the following reasons:

1) Teacher preference.

2) Peer preference (because you have a friend in that class).

3) Lunch time preference.




Work-Based Learning (WBL)

The WBL program allows students the opportunity to earn high school elective credit(s) for their work experience. Interested students must apply to the program and be approved by the WBL and CTAE Director, Ms. Carissa Parker, before WBL will be added to a student's schedule.  If you are interested in applying to potentially participate in the WBL program, then please click on the electronic application link below and complete the form using your student Gmail account:

2022-23 WBL Program Application



2022-23 Student Parking Permits

Click HERE to access the 2022-23 PHS Student Parking Permit Form.  Please know that you will also need to provide a copy your driver's license and vehicle insurance when you turn in your parking permit.  Parking permits will be sold during lunch by Coach Michael Duffie.  ALL student drivers must have a current parking permit to park their vehicle on the PHS campus.



PHS Bell Schedule and School Hours

PHS is open from 7:15 AM to 3:15 PM.  Students report to 1st period by 7:40 AM and are released at 2:40 PM.  Click HERE to view the bell schedules.




Technology and IC Help

All students are issued a PCSD chromebook.  If you have questions or concerns regarding chromebooks, chargers, etc., then please email your requests and/or concerns to:


If you need assistance with logging into your Infinite Campus (IC) student account, student email account, and/or your Parent IC account, then please click HERE to see how you need to proceed and who you can contact if you need assistance.




Enrolling a Student to Attend PHS

 If you want to enroll your student to attend PHS, then please first complete registration and enrollment via the Registration Department at the PCSD Central Office.  Click HERE to access the PCSD Registration webpage.

Once you have completed registration, then our school will be notified and you will be contacted by the counseling secretary about setting up a new student appointment with your PHS Counselor.

Please know that you will have to first complete the registration process, registration notifies PHS once it is complete and they have processed your application, and PHS will have to receive a copy of the student's records before we will schedule a new student meeting.



Attendance and Records Assistance

1) Sick/Doctor's Notes - If you are out of school for any reason, then please bring a doctor's note or sick note to the front desk.  Doctor's notes and sick notes are not accepted after five days of returning to school.  You can also email your sick note or doctor's note to phsattendance@pickenscountyschools.org .

2) Records Requests - If you need to request records and/or update your information in Infinite Campus (such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.), then please contact the PHS Registrar, Ms. Candy DiPrima.  Her email address is candydiprima@pickenscountyschools.org .




Information Regarding Graduation Requirements, Grade Promotions, Classes Offered at PHS, and Student Organizations/Clubs

Click HERE to access the document that provides detailed descriptions regarding the following information:

-Graduation Requirements for PHS students.

-The number of credits required to be promoted to the next grade level.

-Academic class offerings and their sequences of how they should be taken at PHS.

-Elective class offerings and their pathway sequences of how they should be taken at PHS.

-Students Organizations and Clubs at PHS



PHS Cafeteria Information

Mrs. Andrea Wood is the PHS Cafeteria Manager.  Students can either pay for meals/snacks with cash or add money to their student accounts by using the My Payments Plus website.  Click HERE to access the My Payments Plus website.  The prices for meals can be seen below:



Families that are eligible for free or reduced-price meals must apply to receive them, and all other students must pay full price for their meals.  All families are encouraged to complete the free/reduced lunch application if you believe your student(s) may be eligible.  You can use your cell phone camera and scan the QR code below to access the online application.  Paper copies are also available at the school.  Please click HERE for an important news flyer regrading free and reduced-priced meals from the PCSD Nutrition Department:





Transcript Requests and Attendance Verifications


Need a copy of your transcript, an education verification, and/or attendance verification (ex. for military purposes, Social Security benefits, insurance purposes, etc.) completed?  Then please send your transcript request to phstranscripts@pickenscountyschools.orgFor all transcript requests please include the following information:

1) Your first and last name (please provide your maiden name when necessary).

2) The year you graduated.  If you are currently a PHS student, then please identify what grade you are in.

3) Your date of birth (Month/Day/Year).

4) The last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN).

5) Where you need your transcript to be sent to.


The counseling secretary will process your request within 72 hrs.  If you would like to pick the transcript up in person or have it emailed to yourself, then please indicate so in your transcript request email.  For previously graduated PHS students, the cost for a transcript request to be processed is $3.00.





ADAP Test for Licenses

If you need a copy of your attendance verification and/or your ADAP report for your learn's or driver's licenses, then please email your request to:


Once your request has been processed, then the student and/or parent can pick up the items from the PHS Front Office Secretary.

For the 2021-22 school year the ADAP presentation and test were given on 10/13/2021 to all 9th grade students.  If you were not at PHS on 10/13/21, then you missed both the presentation and test.  The ADAP (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program) is a requirement in Georgia for anyone under the age of 18 to complete in order to obtain his/her driver's license.

Click HERE to register for the eADAP (electronic version of the ADAP) if you missed the test on 10/13/2021.  When registering for the eADAP, under "reason for enrollment" you will need to choose "other" and you will also need to use a personal email account instead of your student Gmail email address.

For the 2022-23 school year, the ADAP presentation and test will be given to all PHS 9th grade students on Wednesday, October 12th.  This will be the only date that both the training and test will be administered at PHS for the 2022-23 school year.




ACT & SAT Dates for Pickens High School

Almost all colleges and universities, and some scholarships, will require you to have either a SAT or ACT score to submit.  In order to take the SAT or ACT you will need to create an account with their websites (links included on the document link above), register to take the test, and then utilize their website to have your scores sent to the school of your choice.  Once you have created an account, then you will be able to access your scores through the SAT and/or ACT websites.


PHS School Code 111695




PSAT and PSAT Score Instructions

For the 2022-23 school year, the PSAT will be administered to all PHS 10th grade students on Wednesday, October 12th.  The school will automatically register all PHS 10th grade students for the test.  If you are a homeschool student interested in taking the PSAT test at PHS on October 12th, then please email our PHS Testing Coordinator, Mr. Rick Goble, to inquire about this option at richardgoble@pickenscountyschools.org

For the 2021-22 school year, the PSAT was administered to all 10th graders who were present at PHS on 10/13/2021.  PSAT scores were released on 12/6/2021 via www.collegeboard.org .  You can access your PSAT scores one of two ways:

1) Your scores were sent to the email address you provided on your PSAT.

2) If you did not receive your scores via email, then you will need to create a www.collegeboard.org account. When creating your account, please identify Pickens High School as your current school and use the CEEB Code of 111695.


Please visit the following website for more information on how to access your PSAT scores:  https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/scores/getting-scores




Class of 2022 Senior Information Packet

This Senior Information Packet (click on the link above) will assist you and your family with getting prepared to apply for college, scholarships, jobs, and creating professional relationships with your teachers and counselors.  Access to this packet is available to everyone who can download a pdf file.

Please click HERE to access an electronic copy of the PHS Senior Information Sheet that you can type in or you can print it and write in it.  Please know that this document has replaced the previous "PHS Senior Profile" document used in years past.  Some scholarships will ask for a senior profile and you can use the document in place of that unless that scholarship has their own senior profile sheet for you to complete (an example of this is Big Canoe Chapel Scholarship as they have their own senior profile document to be completed).

Your school counselors are here to assist you as needed and wish you the best of luck this year!






PHS Senior Presentation

Please click on the link above to download the senior power-point presentation.  After the presentation downloads to your device, then please click on the "audio" icon in the lower right hand corner of each slide to listen to the presentation information recorded for you on each slide.





Applying to College

You can apply directly through the college of your choice for admittance to a college or you can use the Common App Tool.  When applying for admission directly through your chosen post-secondary school, please visit the college's "admission" page and follow the directions provided for that school.  Most schools require similar requirements but some may differ.  You will need to check your chosen college's application requirements to ensure you are submitting a complete application.

Common App is another common method of applying to a variety of schools in both Georgia (examples are UGA and Georgia State University) and nationwide.  Common App is a non-profit member organization that represents nearly 900 diverse colleges.  This tool connects students to a variety of public and private colleges and universities across all 50 U.S. states and 20 different countries.

-Click HERE to to be directed the Common App website and start your application process.

-Parents/Guardians/Families can click HERE to be directed to the family resources page on Common App to get information on Financial Aid and how to support your student as he/she applies to colleges.

-Students can click HERE to access important documents/resources to assist in your Common App process.





Currently Available Scholarship Information

Below are local and state scholarships that are currently available for students to apply to:


1) Youth Leadership Pickens (posted on 7/27/22)

-The Youth Leadership Pickens is an incredible local opportunity for PHS juniors and seniors to gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead in civic engagement, education reform, and community organization activities.

-If you are interested in being a part of this program, then please click HERE to access the application.

-All applications are due in their entirety no later than 4pm on August 12th.  Applications are to be returned directly to the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce either in person, by email to communications@pickenschamber.com, or by mail at 500 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Jasper, Ga 30143.  Applications are NOT to be turned in to PHS.




***Please click HERE to access the studentscholarships.org August newsletter listing multiple national scholarships that are currently available.***


The below websites provide multiple nationwide scholarships and grants that you can inquire about and apply to for both seniors and juniors:

- https://www.fastweb.com/

- https://www.scholarships.com/

- https://scholarships360.org/ 

- https://studentscholarships.org




FAFSA Information and How to Apply

Please make sure to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid for college.  Completion of the FAFSA is required to receive any financial aid for college including the HOPE Grant, HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and student loans, to name a few.  Students and parents will have to complete this application together.

Click HERE to access an article on the, "10 Common FAFSA Mistakes Not to Make."







Scholarship Opportunities that were posted on the PHS Counseling Webpage and the deadlines have passed:


**No scholarships opportunities have passed as of 7/26/22.***



Senior Pictures

If you need assistance with portrait sessions for your Class of 2023 senior pictures, then please call Cady Studios at 678-722-3449 or schedule your session via the Cady Studios webpage by clicking HERE.



College Visits

In lieu of on campus college visits, some colleges are hosting virtual information sessions this school year.  Below are some upcoming college meetings (in-person and/or virtual) that you may want to attend:


1) 2022 Peach State Tour (posted on 7/27/22)

-The Peach State Tour is an annual college fair that allows students and families to learn more about Augusta University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia.

-There will be several in-person and virtual sessions.  In order to attend, you will have to register online.

-Click HERE to register online to attend an in-person and/or virtual session.

-The sessions will begin on August 18th and end on September 7th.







How to Create a GA Futures Account

Click HERE to use this document to help create your GA Futures Account.  This is a necessary step in the Dual Enrollment process, tracking your HOPE GPA (which is different than your overall high school GPA), and will also help you keep track of various tasks in your college application journey.





Click HERE to view the YouScience Power Point Presentation.  This is a large file due to the videos on the presentation; thus, when you click on the link you will then need to click on the "power-point" download option.


Click HERE to download the YouScience Workbook.


Click HERE to access the instructions for activating and logging into your YouScience account.




Military Information

Have you ever considered joining the military?  Below are some links to help best assist you in making this decision and how to contact a recruiter.  For more information, then please schedule an appointment with your school counselor or local military recruiter.

U.S. Army

Please click HERE for information on joining the US Army.

Please click HERE to view a short video about joining the US Army National Guard.



Air Force

Click HERE to view the recruitment requirements for joining the Air Force.

US Navy

Please click HERE to view the requirements for enlisting in the US Navy.

Marine Corps

Please click HERE to access the link showing what is required to enlist in the Marine Corps.

Coast Guard

Click HERE to view the requirements for joining the Coast Guard.





If you find yourself in a crisis situation, then please know that the below resources are available to you 24/7:

GA Crisis and Access Line - 1-800-715-4225.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255.

Georgia Suicide & Crisis Lifeline - Call 988.

Pickens Sheriff Department – 706-253-8901.

For any emergency situation, please call 911.