Chris Wallace, Principal

Greetings to The Dragon Nation,

My name is Chris Wallace and this is my fourth year to have the honor of serving as your principal. As a K-12 product of the Pickens County School District, I have a passion for our local educational institutions, and for our community. It is truly humbling to have been entrusted with this position here in our district. In working diligently alongside all stakeholders of this community to provide extraordinary learning experiences for all students, I have realized that relationships and communication are of paramount importance.

Having spent five years as a classroom teacher, two years as CTAE Director/Assistant Principal at PHS, and now as the principal, I have a clear understanding of the culture that exists here. We have a great school, top-notch facilities, a beautiful campus, wonderful students, and well-trained faculty here at PHS. Together, we continue to strive to provide unmatched educational experiences and endless opportunities for our students to thrive during their time here.

I truly believe that being an educator is a calling. It is also my belief that education is among the most important of all professions. This is due to the immense responsibility we have in preparing our students for the next phase of their lives. Whether it be college, other post-secondary training or career, we have an obligation to our society and community to leverage all available resources to ensure the success of our students. I am excited to utilize the experiences and knowledge gained through my years of work within this community, school, and district to lead our students forward in their pursuit of excellence.

In closing, I would appreciate your support as we work diligently to prepare the next generation of Dragons for graduation and life preparation for the world ahead. The difference we make in this world correlates with the amount of time, focus and efforts we are all willing to put forth. We will continuously strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the students we serve. Our efforts are much more effective when we work together. Thank you for your willingness to partner with me and my staff to do so.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                                                                                   -Nelson Mandela 

We are Dragon Nation United!

Chris Wallace Ed.S.