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This is where teachers can view availability for the computer labs at PHS. Unless you are logged in to your Staff issued Google Account, you will not be able to view these calendars.


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   500 Dragon Drive | Jasper, GA 30143
Phone 706.253.1800 | Fax 706.253.1815

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Lab Calendars

Please contact Mrs. Stancil or Mrs. Moss to schedule a lab for your class. Please be observant and considerate in requesting a lab. The following dates are not available for lab usage.


1st Semester
October 8th and 9th, Make-up October 12th SLO Post-test 1st Nine Weeks
October 15th and 16th, Make-up October 19th SLO Pre-test 2nd Nine Weeks
December 1st and 2nd EOC Math / English
December 3rd EOC English Only
December 4th and 7th EOC Science / Social Studies
December 8th and 9th - EOC Make up
December 8th and 9th CTAE EOPA
December 10th, 11th, and 14th, 15th, Make -up December 16th SLO Post-test 1st Semester.

2nd Semester
January 11th - 14th, Make-up January 15th SLO Pre-test 2nd Semester
January 19th - January 29th SRI Benchmark II
March 11th and 14th, Make-up March 15th SLO Post-test 3rd Nine Weeks
March 18th and March 21st, Make-up March 22nd SLO Pre-test 4th Nine Weeks
April 18th - April 29th SRI Benchmark III
May 9th and 10th EOC Math / English
May 11th EOC English Only
May 12th and 13th EOC Science / Social Studies
May 16th and 17th EOC Make-up
May 18th - 20th and May 23rd, Make-up May 24th SLO Post-test 2nd Semester
May 25th - 26th Final Exams

*Need more lab time?: Teachers may still book labs up to two weeks in advance on a first come, first served basis*


*Teachers: Please, be aware that labs may become unavailable during non-testing times with little notice. Best efforts will be made to accomodate your reservations in this case but keeping reservations in these types of situations is not always possible.

Thank you!

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